An On-Demand 3PL Team


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Make the most of your short-term warehouse with an on-demand team that’s ready to jump in, anywhere in the country.


I am a 3PL

Become a Chunker 3PL Partner to get access to a whole new world of customers.



Let new clients come to you with Chunker.

Extend Your Reach

Chunker does the advertising to bring you opportunities and new customers.

Choose Your Deals

You’re always free to decide which deals will work for you and which ones won’t.

Set your Price

You determine the price for your services — Chunker takes care of billing to get you paid.

Use Your WMS

Bring your own WMS to make it quick and easy to get up and running with new customers.

How Hotshot 3PL Works


Businesses come to Chunker to rent short-term warehouse space.


To help businesses make the most of their warehouse space, Chunker acts as a one-stop shop for services like on-demand 3PL.


When a business needs 3PL services in your area, Chunker will connect you to a new customer.


Chunker takes care of demand generation, billing, and collection, so you can bring your services to more people.

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