An On-Demand 3PL Team


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Make the most of your short-term warehouse with an on-demand team that’s ready to jump in, anywhere in the country.


I am a 3PL

Become a Chunker 3PL Partner to get access to a whole new world of customers.



Make the most of your new short-term warehouse right away with a 3PL team at your fingertips.

Load and Unload

Access the manpower and equipment you need to utilize your short-term warehouse instantly.

Focus on What Matters

Remove the burden of staffing your space and buy back time for your business.

A One-Stop Shop

With Chunker, your short-term rental and a 3PL team are both just one call away.

Anywhere in the Country

Chunker has partners all over the country to meet your 3PL needs, wherever you are.

How Hotshot 3PL Works


Businesses come to Chunker to rent short-term warehouse space.


To help businesses make the most of their warehouse space, Chunker acts as a one-stop shop for additional end-to-end services.


With one call, Chunker sends out a dedicated 3PL team to help unlock the warehouse's potential.


Chunker’s Hotshot 3PL team extends its customers’ own teams and help them rapidly solve unexpected problems.

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