Why Chunker

The Problem

The process of moving goods around the country — or even just within your own city — is complex. When problems happen, they happen fast. But the traditional solution to issues in the supply chain requires time-consuming negotiations and five-year or more, which can't address your urgent needs.



of warehouse space sits empty

At any given time, nearly 30% of the 16 billion square feet of warehouse space in the US sits empty or underutilized. 20,000 square here, 50,000 square feet there add up to nearly five billion square feet of potential for both sides: unrealized profit for owners and tenants, and a lifeline for businesses that need temporary space fast.

The solution

Chunker is a warehouse marketplace that connects those who need space with owners, tenants, and brokers. With a single call or click, find the space you need to keep your business moving, or turn unused space into revenue. From there, tap into other services like Freight and Hotshot 3PL to simplify all of the logistics required to solve your problem. It’s a win-win for everybody with Chunker.


The Chunker Difference


Warehouses wherever you need them


Square feet available.


Satisfied customers

Chunker Benefits

On-Demand Services

Whether your business is at capacity or you have underutilized space to fill, Chunker has a short-term solution for you. 


An End-to-End Journey

Chunker offers solutions for every step of the process, from locating space to transporting freight. Get end-to-end support, or pick and choose the services you need.


An Intuitive Marketplace

Find temporary space in a few clicks. Set up listings in minutes. Whether you need space or you have space, Chunker’s marketplace connects you with what you need.


A Single Call

We know that when you need a short-term solution, you need it now — which is why Chunker functions as a one-stop shop.


Rapid Results

Unlock new revenue or find short-term space. Transport freight or locate container storage. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll get you where you need to go — faster.


It all started with a landlord and a business owner. Meet the Chunker team and learn our story.

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