How Chunker Helps You Overcome Overcrowded Shipyards and Ports

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Crane lifting up container in yard

In today’s interconnected world, modern supply chains heavily rely on a combination of vans, trains, planes, and cargo ships to transport products across the globe. Among these modes, cargo ships stand out, carrying a staggering 80% of the world’s traded goods. While each mode of transportation comes with its own challenges, overcrowded shipyards and ports can create delays and significant additional costs in your product distribution without any fault of your own. 

When one cargo ship is delayed, it creates a domino effect that delays every other vessel in the port for days — or worse, several weeks. Take the Suez Canal blockage in 2021 for example. A 1,300-ft carrier ship called the “Ever Given” ran aground in the canal and blocked the flow of goods for six days — a blockage that cost the world $1 billion, according to the Suez Canal Authority. 

It just goes to show what can happen if your supply chain isn’t equipped with flexible solutions to meet the unpredictable nature of the modern world. That’s where Chunker can help. We provide innovative container storage solutions that can help you quickly address supply chain challenges and alleviate congestion problems at ports and shipyards. 

Understanding Supply Chain Challenges

The global supply chain has grown significantly in recent years, leading to a surge in the volume of goods being transported. This increased demand puts pressure on ports and shipyards to handle a larger number of ships, containers, and cargo, leaving many ports overcrowded and congested. As companies strive to create economies of scale, shipping companies have built larger vessels capable of carrying more goods — but that means ports must be able to accommodate larger ships, which may require deeper berths and specialized handling equipment. What’s more, the modern supply chain relies on a just-in-time approach that looks to save money on holding costs but puts pressure on shipyards and port crews to load and unload cargo more quickly in order to ensure prompt delivery times on shipments. 

As more ships come to port, more have to wait their turn for berthing, meaning longer turnaround times for vessels and more idle time spent onboard. These operational inefficiencies contribute to delays in cargo movement, higher fuel consumption, increased labor costs, and higher maintenance expenses. Additionally, extended vessel stays at ports may incur additional fees and charges, adding to the overall transportation costs. Overcrowding at ports also hinders a shipyard’s ability to expand to accommodate future demand, increases safety risks like collisions, and has an adverse environmental impact. 

Introducing Chunker’s Short-Term Container Storage Options

Chunker, an end-to-end logistics solutions company, is bringing the AirBNB experience to warehousing with our short-term container storage and on-demand logistics services. Our short-term warehousing services strive to provide value both for landlords looking to maximize their available space and for users seeking access to convenient short-term storage options. Part of our offerings include short-term container storage, which give businesses the flexibility to immediately locate shipping container storage space close to major ports.

Chunker’s short-term container storage concept differs from traditional storage solutions because our extensive partner network offers locations everywhere — including near your most valuable ports. Here is a rundown of the benefits of working with Chunker for your short-term container storage needs:

  • 24/7 Access Chunker’s container storage yards are available 24/7 and secured around the clock for cargo retrieval, allowing customers to manage their containers on their schedule. This enables efficient container staging and handling, facilitating smooth cargo movements at any time.
  • Strategic Locations – Our extensive partner network allows you to optimize your container management strategy with locations near ports, saving you money on transportation, storage, and labor costs. This proximity ensures quick and easy access to containers for loading and unloading, optimizing the container management process. With locations everywhere, customers can find a nearby storage facility that suits their logistics requirements.
  • Flexible Terms – Unlock efficient container staging and handling without the red tape of traditional, long-term storage options. Our short term focus allows for flexible arrangements, where customers can store containers for shorter durations, avoiding long-term commitments and unnecessary costs.

Beat the Crowd with Chunker’s Short-Term Solutions 

While the complexities of the modern supply chain are vast, so are the solutions Chunker can provide for your short-term warehousing needs. From offering strategic locations near your most important ports to providing flexible warehousing terms that operate according to your needs, utilizing Chunker’s short-term solutions can unlock new efficiencies in your supply chain and save you money. 

Explore the largest short-term warehouse marketplace and contact us today to learn more about how Chunker’s on-demand warehousing and 3PL solutions can fit into your business model.