How Chunker Helps the Wind and Solar Industry Thrive

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For the first time ever, wind and solar generated more electricity than coal this year — and by the looks of it, the expansion and adoption of renewable energy is only heating up as more companies strive to reach their corporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals. 

But as this industry rapidly expands, there are challenges associated with getting solar and wind farms running — and that’s where Chunker can help. Efficient logistics are a crucial factor in bridging the gap between your project’s aspirations and reality. With Chunker, we provide a suite of short-term logistics solutions, from importing and storing to transporting vital components, providing critical support for the wind and solar industry’s expansion. 

The Renewable Energy Boom

The concept of renewable energy has been around since before the Industrial Revolution, but the modern adoption of renewable energy comes in the form of solar, wind, and other cleaner technologies — and it’s gaining widespread traction. This is in part due to the growing emphasis people and governments are placing on mitigating the effects of climate change, and federal efforts to bolster this endeavor. 

In 2022, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) allocated $370 billion in federal funding to incentivize adopting solar and wind power. Since its passing, around 200 new clean energy projects have been announced, and the  U.S. Energy Information Administration reports that 54% of new electricity generation in 2023 will be thanks to solar. Further, these IRA-related investments could mean the U.S. is able to reach 80% renewable energy by 2050, marking an important piece of the U.S.’s strategy in reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. 

These projects not only underscore the scope and mission of the energy transition, but they also represent a huge business opportunity. By the mid-2030s, annual investments in renewable energy and decarbonization will reach a peak of $520 billion, with annual investments leading up to this averaging around $400 billion. The incredible influx of investments in renewables will ultimately account for 1.3-1.7% of the U.S. GDP during this period. 

Solar and Wind Industry’s Unique Needs

Solar and wind energy have unique needs driven by the distinctive characteristics of their technologies. Both sectors rely on oversized components like solar panels and wind turbines, which necessitate specialized handling during transportation and installation. Moreover, renewable energy projects frequently involve the movement of large quantities of these components across long distances, making efficient logistics critical.

In addition to their size and weight, these components are also sensitive to environmental conditions. Proper storage and transportation are essential to safeguard their integrity and functionality. The renewable energy sector also faces the challenge of tight project timelines and the demand for precise installation, underscoring the importance of streamlined logistics to ensure timely and accurate component delivery and assembly.

Furthermore, the renewable energy industry operates within a dynamic regulatory landscape, characterized by evolving standards and policies. Staying abreast of these changes is essential for compliance and successful project execution, making adaptability and up-to-date knowledge of regulations a vital component of logistics in this sector. Meeting these unique needs is crucial for the continued growth and success of solar and wind energy projects.

Bringing Renewable Energy to the U.S. Market

While the rapid growth of renewable energy in the U.S. is exciting for a variety of stakeholders, there are still problems with implementing this technology. For one, polysilicon, a necessary component in solar panel production, is primarily manufactured in China. As a result, China produces more than 80% of the world’s solar panels. This level of concentration in the supply chain means that any delays or geopolitical tensions with China have the potential to grind these renewable energy projects to a halt. But, there are growing calls for solar companies to diversify their resources and expand local production, which is in line with the greater supply chain trends we can expect in 2024. Of the top 10 solar panel manufacturers in the world, only one is based in the U.S. — which is First Solar in Ohio and its sister company, Toledo Star. 

Bringing renewable energy to the U.S. market additionally involves a multifaceted process, with importing renewable energy components often proving to be a complex and time-sensitive endeavor. Companies face regulatory requirements and customs clearance procedures, which can be challenging to navigate. Chunker, a logistics specialist, steps in to provide invaluable assistance for companies seeking to establish their solar and wind production in the U.S. market. With a comprehensive suite of logistics solutions like short-term warehousing, Chunker streamlines the importation of vital components, ensuring a smooth entry into this rapidly growing industry. By leveraging their expertise, Chunker helps companies overcome the logistical hurdles, enabling them to contribute to the expansion of renewable energy in the U.S.

Elevate Your Presence in the Solar and Wind Sectors with Chunker

Chunker offers a game-changing solution for businesses aiming to elevate their presence in the solar and wind energy sectors. With access to approximately 150 million square feet of warehouse space and vast outdoor storage, Chunker provides a unique advantage without requiring long-term commitments. What truly sets Chunker apart is its unparalleled speed and efficiency. Within days, not weeks or months, companies can have their components secured, stored, and ready for deployment.

Furthermore, Chunker ensures that these crucial components are stored in optimal conditions, shielded from environmental factors and potential damage. Alongside storage, Chunker offers comprehensive transportation solutions for seamless component distribution. Our extensive transportation network guarantees efficient movement from ports to project sites, supporting timely and secure deliveries and ultimately contributing to the success of your renewable energy project.

We encourage businesses to get in touch with Chunker today and unlock the potential for excellence in the dynamic and expanding solar and wind energy sectors. Make the smart choice for your renewable energy endeavors and contact us today.