Bringing the Airbnb Experience to Warehousing

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Finding a short-term warehouse where and when you need it isn’t always easy. Neither is finding short-term tenants. With Chunker, it can be.

In today’s fast-moving and competitive environment where supply chain disruptions persist, countless companies could use warehouse space near a major port or city. Though roughly 30% of all warehouse space is empty or underutilized at any given moment, accessing the billions of square feet of available warehousing is rarely, if ever, straightforward.

Far too often, obtaining warehouse space can be a hassle and a major commitment. In some cases, your search for warehousing might culminate with you locking into a rigid and lengthy lease. A binding agreement of this nature can leave you short of options and facing significant financial obligations. Long-term warehouse leases like these can prove problematic if you wind up paying for space down the line that you ultimately never use. 

The days of struggling to find short-term warehouse space, however, are over. By bringing the Airbnb experience to warehousing, Chunker is disrupting the status quo and ushering in a new era of warehousing. With over 100 million square feet of available warehouse space in 45 states – and no long term contracts – Chunker gives you the best of both worlds: maximum optionality and total flexibility. 

Chunker is just a few clicks away on the supply side, too. Warehouse owners or tenants with available space leverage Chunker’s on demand marketplace – quickly matching with those looking for short-term warehouse space – to generate extra cash flow with minimal effort.

The Benefits of Chunker’s Warehouse Solutions

Chunker solves difficult problems with ease, connecting companies in search of short-term warehouse space with empty or underutilized space. Owners and tenants with available space can generate new profit, while businesses can find temporary space in a pinch. 

In short, Chunker’s warehouse solutions are a true win-win and empower companies to: 

Meet Short-Term Challenges

To effectively meet short-term storage challenges, your best bet is to find short-term warehousing. Whether you’re dealing with a sudden influx in demand around the holiday season, navigating port congestion, or working on a construction project, Chunker’s short-term, flexible warehouse solutions serve as vital revenue drivers for businesses taking on short-term challenges and projects.

Chunker’s unique and easy-to-use online marketplace showcases unused space that’s nearby and fit for purpose. Instead of forcing businesses into unsuitable long-term commitments, now, thanks to Chunker, with a few clicks businesses can conveniently access warehouse space, on demand, that meet their demands.

Enter New Markets

Chunker unlocks new growth possibilities for companies, opening up the door to countless new opportunities. Part of the beauty of partnering with Chunker – and maintaining access to short-term warehouses – stems from your ability to test, enter, and break into new markets with relatively little risk.

If your near-term plans fall through, or you aren’t able to make satisfactory inroad in a new market, it’s no big deal. You wouldn’t have signed a multi-year contract. Nor would you have purchased land and constructed an entirely new warehouse for nothing. Instead, Chunker gives you the platform to pivot and find the next market to test – that’s the difference of Chunker’s unprecedented short-term warehousing flexibility.

Take Advantage Of Opportunities A Lack Of Space Would Have Precluded You From Taking

By removing significant barriers to entry, Chunker not only affords you the ability to try out different markets with less friction, but also allows you to take on new projects with less risk. Perhaps you’re a telecoms operator building out your nationwide 5G network or a retailer intent on opening new brick and mortar storefronts in California. 

Partnering with Chunker becomes a no-brainer when you embark on projects with shorter durations – while you’re building your new facilities, you’ll receive the warehouse space you need, for as long as you need.

Generate Extra Cash When Your Space Is Empty

Chunker isn’t just beneficial to those looking for warehouse space. Chunker has developed the largest nationwide network of warehouse suppliers, helping those with available space generate extra revenue without hassle. In other words, say goodbye to the days of letting your warehouse sit empty and gather dust…and say hello to boosted bottom lines!

Chunker helps you meet short-term cash flow needs while you plan for the long term. As you search for longer-term tenants or customers, Chunker lets you list your warehouse in the Chunker Warehouse Network for free any time you have extra space that you’re willing to license. 

Listing your available short-term warehouse space on Chunker is a seamless process that takes a matter of minutes. Chunker will then make the connections while you can sit back, relax, and wait for users needing space to come to you. Since there is no limit to how many properties you can post, there is no limit to Chunker’s impact on your bottom line. 

Experience Ease of Use And Find Matches Quickly

Chunker makes finding short-term warehouse space fast and easy. Gone are the days of personally hunting down available warehouses or networking with businesses to determine who could use some warehousing space. Instead, you can delight in Chunker’s efficient, free, and easy-to-use marketplace.

On the demand side of our warehouse marketplace, Chunker makes finding short-term warehouse space a breeze. With just a few simple clicks, you’ll immediately gain access to more than 100 million square feet of short-term warehousing space across 45 states. Plus, we can also transport your goods to and from Chunker’s short-term warehouses, whether they’re headed to a nearby port or elsewhere.

And those with available space will have just as smooth of an experience when working with Chunker. Posting a listing is free and fast for landlords, tenants, and brokers. Best of all, Chunker will immediately collect and distribute funds using our online licensing and payment system, meaning you’ll receive the money you’re owed as soon as the deal is final.

Warehouse and Beyond

Chunker offers an unparalleled range of short-term warehousing solutions. Whether you’re a business looking for available warehouse space or simply hoping to profit from your current unutilized warehouse space, Chunker catalyzes growth.

As the premier one-stop-shop for all things warehousing, Chunker has emerged into the Airbnb for warehouses – ready to step in and provide flexible short-term warehousing solutions that actually meet your needs. Not only can Chunker help when it comes to finding available warehouses on demand – particularly valuable amid supply chain backlogs – but we can also transport your cargo to and from our warehouses, keeping a close eye on everything while your items are at the warehouse.

At the same time, if you have space available, we can quickly find someone ready to license it from you. Chunker has all the tools you need to capture signatures, distribute funds, and complete deals. Plus, our marketplace is easy to use and can be accessed from anywhere online.

Contact us today to learn more about Chunker’s warehousing solutions!