Why Chunker’s 3PL Services Stand Out

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Thanks to Chunker’s 3PL Partner Program, you can generate income from any warehouse you have that is temporarily empty.

Having built the largest short-term warehouse marketplace in the country, Chunker generates significant demand for both short-term warehouse space and services.  

The problem? Customers can be left hanging when the demand for services fails to align with the supply of locations where services are needed.  

The solution? Chunker recently launched our partner network to empower our customers, overcome this basic supply/demand issue, and access more full-featured solutions.

Spotlighting Chunker’s 3PL Partner Program 

We recognize a 3PL can sometimes have extra space or underutilized staff. The beauty of Chunker’s 3PL Partner Program is that it helps you generate income from any space you have that is temporarily empty. It also provides an opportunity for you to use your staff in one of Chunker’s warehouses. Chunker’s 3PL Partner Program boosts bottom lines and provides your business vital cash flow while you look for longer term customers to fill your space. 

We also understand that customer acquisition can often prove difficult in the fast-moving 3PL market. By leveraging Chunker’s vast network of short-term space to augment your own space, you can bid on more deals, build new connections, and ultimately unlock more lucrative revenue streams.

With our win-win solution, joining Chunker’s 3PL Partner Program is a no-brainer.

Benefits of Chunker’s Partner Program:

  • Free to join, easy to use:
    • Joining Chunker’s Partner Network comes at no cost, and, better yet, it takes very little time to get up and running because we list your space for you.  
  • Exclusive leads and new business opportunities:
    • Chunker’s marketing generates short-term demand for space and services, consistently providing exclusive business opportunities to partners.  
  • Prices that work for you:
    • You set the price for both services and storage, while Chunker adds its fees to the incoming customer, leaving you one less thing to worry about. 
  • System flexibility:
    • You are free to use your own WMS. 
  • Logistics and back-office logistics support:
    • Chunker bills the customer directly and collects invoices – significantly reducing your administrative burden. Chunker also efficiently handles all transportation to and from your warehouse.
  • Short-term space at your convenience: 
    • With instant access to all of Chunker’s short-term space, as our full-service partner, you can grow even if you are full. 

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