Introducing Chunker

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As far as short-term supply chain services go, Chunker stands out from the competition. Find out why.

When it comes to your supply chain more and more, the only thing that seems to be certain these days is that nothing ever is. 

After all, between transportation, suppliers  and storage, there can be a lot of moving parts. In a competitive and fast-moving marketplace, it’s easy to see how — and why — some of these variables can soon become out of your control. From massive fluctuations in consumer demand to natural disasters and port congestion, navigating supply chain chaos can quickly become stressful, not to mention expensive. 

In between all of that, there’s also the matter of finding available warehouse space when the unexpected occurs. Finding short-term, on-demand, space may sound simple, but far too often, this can end up being one of the most tricky and time-consuming tasks when disruptions happen.

There is good news, however.

Chunker’s short-term logistics and supply chain solutions are changing the game — transforming industrial warehousing from a logistical nightmare into a streamlined experience. Find out how.

Discover the Chunker Difference

While there are options for short-term warehouse needs, no one does it quite like Chunker. As the industry leader in short-term logistics, Chunker has emerged as the only one-stop-shop for short-term supply chain solutions. From connecting your business to short-term warehousing to full-service shipping container storage, freight transportation, 3PL services, and much more — Chunker solves your complex problems quickly.

With more space available for short-term use than any other company and a range of valuable services at your fingertips, Chunker is uniquely positioned to meet any type of short-term supply chain challenge you’re facing. Our online marketplace makes finding and posting temporary warehousing space a breeze, while our short-term transportation services can be initiated with just one call, no contracts necessary.

In times of port congestion, our storage and freight brokerage services can make all the difference. If you’re in a pinch, rest assured. Chunker can transport your cargo from a port to one of their shipping container yards, then move it to your warehouse or theirs, and help you haul your items on to their appropriate destinations if needed. Customers also have the option to store shipping containers in our storage yards for longer periods if necessary. Either way, by going with Chunker, you’ll save money and minimize your containers’ time in congested ports and overcrowded shipyards.

Best of all, customers delight in Chunker’s easy-to-use platform and streamlined process. Within minutes, you can create and share a listing or find and reserve one. What’s more, we have all the tools you need to capture signatures, distribute funds, transport freight, and more. You can access Chunker anytime, anywhere, while on the go, as long as you’re connected to the internet. Quickly find available warehousing space on Chunker, generate extra cash from free space, and start boosting your bottom line today!

Spotlighting Our Solutions

Chunker stands out from the pack because of its ability to offer a full suite of short-term supply chain services. While other supply chain solution providers are limited to one area of the business, customers appreciate Chunker’s unique ability to deliver on their full set of needs. 

Today, we’re highlighting some of Chunker’s hallmark services across warehousing, shipping containers, freight, and hotshot 3PLs.


With the country’s most comprehensive network of short-term warehousing space, Chunker has emerged into the Airbnb for warehouses.  
By harnessing cutting-edge technology, Chunker operates with unrivaled agility and flexibility for those seeking warehousing space — with just a few simple clicks, you can find available warehousing in convenient locations across the country on demand.

Chunker maintains an unparalleled nationwide reach and currently has over 10025 million square feet of warehousing space available in 350 Chunker continues to add more warehouses daily and has an Enterprise Search Team ready to jump in and help find you the perfect solution if they don’t already have it. With Chunker, you’re bound to find a short-term warehouse space that meets your needs.

Chunker isn’t just for large retailers, manufacturers, and 3PLs that seek available warehouse space. It’s also for companies – including industrial landlords, tenants, and brokers – that have available space and seek to unlock new streams of revenue. Chunker allows you to monetize underutilized warehouse space over the short- term while you search for longer-term customers. 

Enlisting Chunker’s services can be a game changer for your business. Chunker helps you make money on a short-term basis as you find the ideal long-term tenant. Listing a property on Chunker is free, fast, and profitable, so why wait?


If you have shipping container storage needs, Chunker should be at the top of your list. 

When you tap into Chunker’s shipping container solutions, finding space, reserving it, and storing your shipping containers becomes simple and stress-free. At each one of our yards, we maintain 24/7 security – including cameras, lights, and on-site personnel – meaning you can relax knowing your cargo is safe.

Chunker currently maintains 165 acres of land available for shipping container storage in California, with all 11 of our California sites conveniently located near major ports. Plus, we have millions of square feet of warehousing space available.  Chunker also has shipping container yards near other major ports in the U.S.

In addition, Chunker offers a variety of load/unload services, web-based scheduling for pick-ups and drop-offs, and itemized billing to further simplify your operations. Whether you want us to free your chassis up for a new load, locate and load a container, or provide an itemized bill of container storage time and services, we’ve got you covered. 

Since Chunker knows your container’s exact location, we can load and unload your containers quickly — allowing you to hit the road that much faster. It’s also worth noting that Chunker can store your chassis in addition to your container.


Chunker Freight is your one-stop-shop for your short-term freight transportation needs. With Chunker, we’ll seamlessly transport your goods to or from Chunker facilities and onto your chosen destination. If you need freight hauled efficiently and effectively, Chunker’s maintains a networkof vehicles nationwide that remain on standby and at your service.

All it takes is a single phone call to reserve your storage space and set up any associated transportation. When you select Chunker as your solution provider for freight, we’ll ensure your cargo seamlessly gets from point A to point B – on time and on schedule. 

Hotshot 3PL Services

Simply finding a warehouse won’t always solve all your short-term problems. Chances are you’ll often need loading and unloading services to make the most of your newfound storage space. The problem, of course, is that finding and hiring your own team to work in a temporary space can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor.

Enter Chunker’s Hotshot 3PL Services Team. 

Available at all of our short-term warehouses, Chunker’s on-demand 3PL services are designed to take the pressure off your shoulders. Our 3PL team already has all the necessary equipment and operates around the clock — ready to instantly spring into life to staff a warehouse and meet your needs.

Between Chunker’s available warehousing, container, freight, and 3PL solutions, we stand out in the market as a solution provider uniquely equipped to meet all of your short-term supply chain needs — no matter which combination of services you require. 

What Full-Service Partnership Looks Like With Chunker

Chunker is your go-to for your short-term supply chain needs. When you use Chunker, you’ll experience what it’s like to work with a best-in-class partner on your terms. We not only have the most available short-term storage space in the U.S., but we make it easy to monetize warehousing and storage. 

With one call — without signing any long-term contracts — you can arrange for your goods to be securely stored and transported. On the supply side, it’s just as simple for those looking to list their underutilized  warehouse space — listings are free and can be created in minutes.

Chunker’s instant and on-demand suite of services unlock new growth possibilities and move the needle for companies looking to break through to the next level. Staffed by experts who offer ongoing communication and support, our team is focused on finding the perfect solution for you! 

Contact us today to learn more about how Chunker can help you!